Here we refer to the technology that we use. This does not mean that we only use them. We only want to introduce interested visitors of our website with the opportunities they provide.



Debian ( pronounced [dɛbiən]) - the operating system consisting of free software and open source . Currently, Debian GNU / Linux - one of the most popular and important distributions of Linux, in primary forms had a significant influence on the development of this type of operating system as a whole. There are also projects on other nuclei : Debian GNU / Hurd, Debian GNU / kNetBSD and Debian GNU / kFreeBSD. Debian can be used as an operating system for servers and workstations.
Debian is the largest among all distributions package store - ready to use programs - and even if not by their number, then the number of supported architectures: ARM, used in embedded devices, the most popular x86 and PowerPC, the new 64-bit AMD, and ending with the IBM S/390, used in mainframes . To work with a repository developed various means, the most popular of which - Advanced Packaging Tool (APT).
Debian was the basis of a number of distributions ( 100, see the list of distributions based on Debian). The most famous of them - Adamantix, Bioknoppix, Dreamlinux, Clusterix, Gnoppix, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Libranet, Linspire, MEPIS, Xandros Desktop OS and Maemo. [...]



Python - a high-level general purpose programming language with a focus on developer productivity and code readability . Syntax Python core minimalistic . At the same time the standard library includes a great deal of useful functions.
Python supports multiple programming paradigms , including structured , object-oriented , functional , imperative , and aspect-oriented . The main architectural features - dynamic typing , automatic memory management , full introspection , exception handling mechanism , support for multi-threaded computing and comfortable high-level data structures . Python code is organized into classes and functions that can be combined into modules ( which in turn can be combined in packages ) .
Reference implementation of Python interpreter is CPython, supporting most heavily used platforms. It is distributed freely under a very liberal license that allows it to use without restriction in any application , including proprietary . There implementing interpreters for JVM ( with the possibility of compilation ), MSIL ( with the possibility of compilation ), LLVM and others. The project offers PyPy Python implementation at the Python, which reduces the cost of changing the language setting and experimentation of new features.
Python - actively developing a programming language , the new version (with the addition / change language properties) are located approximately every two and a half years . Because of this and some other reasons for missing Python ANSI, ISO or other official standards , their role is CPython. [...]



Zope - an object-oriented platform , application server , designed for creating dynamic web- applications and interactive websites.       In the expression " object-oriented " here several parties. First , Zope is written in Python, an object- oriented language with multiple inheritance .       Secondly , Zope is built around the idea of ​​" post items " - URL, which you access the browser, is a reference to an object ( instance ) that is called to perform .       Third, the objects themselves ( serialized class instances ) are stored in an object- oriented database ZODB. [...]



PostgreSQL is based on SQL, and supports many of the features of SQL: 2003 standard (ISO / IEC 9075). At this point in PostgreSQL has the following limitations:

maximum database size No limit
maximum table size 32 TB
Maximum record size 1,6 TB
maximum field size 1 GB
Maximum records in a table Limited by table
Maximum fields in a table 250-1600, depending on the types of fields
Maximum indexes on a table No limit

PostgreSQL strengths are: DB support of virtually unlimited size; powerful and reliable mechanisms for transactions and replication; extensible embedded programming languages: in the standard package supported by PL / pgSQL, PL / Perl, PL / Python and PL / Tcl; additionally you can use PL / Java, PL / PHP, PL / Py, PL / R, PL / Ruby, PL / Scheme and PL / sh, and also includes support for loading C-compatible modules; inheritance; easy extensibility.[...]



Free solution computer telephony (including , VoIP) with open source code from Digium, originally developed by Mark Spencer . The application works on the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD , and Solaris , etc. The project name comes from the character " * ". Asterisk in conjunction with the necessary equipment has all the features of classical PBX , supports many VoIP- protocols and provides a feature rich call management , among them : Voicemail , Conferencing , IVR ( interactive voice response ) , Call Center (statement calls in the queue and their distribution by subscribers using different algorithms) Call Detail Record.