Development Possible revision of the functional or integration with other systems on your order
Price for rent:
1 Month  10 USD
6 Months  53 USD
1 Year  93 USD
3 Years  230 USD

Client savings bonus cards and their benefits.

  • Increase sales by attracting and forming regular customers - the owners of bonus cards.
  • Increased sales revenue by offering discounts in the form of deferred credits on the bonus cards, thus you always get 100% of the cost of goods to the cashier.
  • Creation of a business tool to encourage the buyer to commit it purchases in your store / saloon, because accumulated points can only be realized by you.
  • The rhythm of work, without hiring additional staff, purchase of sophisticated equipment and software.
  • Automated maintenance of client database and committed transactions in the project using the bonus cards.
  • We can help you to connect card barcode scanner.

Unlike simple discount card offering discounts on goods, Bonus Card can significantly reduce costs shop / salon. Example: a discount on goods / services provided on discount cards , 5-50 % of the check amount, and amounts allocated to the bonus fund , as a rule, does not exceed 10 % of the check amount. In this Bonus Card valued clients higher than normal discount card because it allows them not only to perform the procedure a bit cheaper but also receive a special gift. Bonus cards can be issued free of charge (for example, as a reward for a visit by a large amount ) or sell them to anyone.

We offer a service for the production and maintenance of a database of bonus cards. You do not need to purchase software and bear the costs associated with the program maintenance of the entire system. This is especially important for beginners in business or small companies. You can use our services on a leasehold basis. At the same time, anytime you can create its program and copy the data from the database, which accumulated during the period of use of our service.