SAAS - Software As A Service

Previously, in order to use a particular program the user was forced to purchase a disc with a license key, and then install the program on your own computer. Now the era of cloud computing and applications leased. This means that users no longer need to purchase expensive licenses and powerful computers.

Rental applications allows for a small monthly fee to use the computing power provider and licensed software to solve pressing business problems.

The main differences from the rental application and purchase of software

Purchase of boxed license Rental applications
paymentLarge one-time investment Small periodic payments
software UpdateUsually free for 1 year Free automatic centralized updating
new versionsCharge, usually at a slight discount when upgrading from older versions Free centralized automatic upgrades to new versions
hardwareInstalled on your computer or corporate server Works on the hardware provider. No installation required, suitable for any computer with a modern browser
availabilityRun only on the computer where the installation is made You can run the program from any computer connected to the Internet
mobilityInformation processed on your computer is not available at home, and vice versa Information is available from any computer (password required)
administrationRequires specific knowledge to install, configure and maintain in working order (especially corporate network software) Administration, configuration, uptime provides centralized HR SaaS-provider
reliabilityIf you lose your computer or hard disk data will be completely lost Data placed in data storage systems, industrial, loss of data is actually impossible.